Seeking inspiration from those
who have gone before?

We hope that by gradually building up the history of the experiences and insights, old and new, of previous Edyvean Walker Scholars and David Lindop Award Winners we can help inspire the creativity, imagination and enterprise of current and future young people in Rugby. We always ask for post travel feedback from scholars and periodically will redesign our website to include photographs and reports sent to us by recent travellers.

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Roll of Honour of David Lindop Award Winners 1987-2018

  • 1991 – Brooke School The development of integration links with mainstream schools-the prize to be used to create a chequerboard garden, wildlife area for Brooke pupils and those from adjacent local schools
  • 1992 – A Rugby High School Sixth form girl To help finance a charitable gap year
  • 1993 – Lawrence Sheriff School, Acting as host and instigator of a collaborative musical group YEWTH production of ‘ Polo and the Khan’
  • 1994 – Suzanne Matthews, a student of Rugby College Her volunteer efforts in fund raising and services to a number of local charities
  • 1995 – Rugby High School & Lawrence Sheriff School (Joint Award), Sixth form projects: RHS a geographic survey of Benn Ward; LSS, a musicthon and other projects raisng money for leukaemia charities in memory of a former pupil.
  • 1996 – Ben Washbrooke, a student at Rugby College His work with Warwickshire Aqua Venture Enterprise to design and build a narrowboat for operation by disabled people.
  • 1998 – Robert Boylan, a student at Rugby College An entrepreneurial fundraising project run on behalf of the Primary Immunodeficiency Association. The project was to organise, as a talent scout, a competion to find singer songwriters in Rugby.
  • 2000 – Tracy Long, a student at Rugby College Voluntary work with the British Disabled Water Ski Association, for which she served as Yorkshire and Midlands Secretary and additional work for the Rugby Council for Voluntary Service
  • 2001 – Cherry Harris, student at Rugby College For projects undertaken during her Art and Design Foundation Course
  • 2002 – Shaun White, a student at Rugby College and employee of Alstom Excellence in his examinations and coursework
  • 2007 – Jacob Low, a student at Lawrence Sheriff School, to support his trip to Tanzania
    Matt Bridge, a student of Lawrence Sheriff School to support trips to Grenada and South Africa for work in turtle conservation and monkey rehabilitation.
  • 2009 – Bella Plumptre ( Rugby School) for a gap year Raleigh Project to India
  • 2012 – Rosie Cava- Beale (RHS) and Becca Murley ( Ex RHS) for a project to put on a play at the Edinburgh festival
  • 2013 – Craig Gaffney ( LSS) for voluntary work in Sierra Leone
  • 2014 – Holly Williams ( Ex Princethorpe College and RHS) for VSO in Cambodia
  • 2016 – Danielle Whitington (RHS) for her mission to the Phillipines
  • 2017 – Neve Coward ( RHS) for a language immersion project in Brest
  • 2018/9/20/21 No awards made

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Roll of Honour of Edyvean-Walker Travelling Scholarship Winners 1987-2018

 1988-1996: Kate Smith, Lisa Skelton ( Ashlawn); James Stait, Henry Barney, Matthew Stapeley, Simon Deacon, Anthony Pratt, Robert Baldry,
Jamie Farnell (L Sheriff); Sarah Brombley, Isabel Hume, Rachel Muers, Jackie Raybone, Helen Turley (Rugby High);Jonathan Hall, David Weatherall (Rugby School).

1996 – Ellen Welsby, teaching in Zimbabwe

1997 – Mari Barlow, Rugby School, gap year teaching in Australia

1998 – Isabel Robinson, Rugby School, gap year volunteer in Johannesburg schools

1999 – Henry Duff, Rugby school, working with Tibetan monks in Darjeeling

2000 – Tracey Saunders & Jenny Parnell, Rugby high school, Trip to Belize, Central America with Brathay Exploration Group to Maian and Fireburn Rainforests

2001 – Peter Haddrell, Rugby school, Raleigh International Expedition to Chile Phoebe Bryant, Rugby school, Gap Year in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Alexander Economou, Lawrence Sheriff school, Gap Year in Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Claire Gladwin, Rugby High School. Gap Year in China

2002 Elanie Burne, Rugby High School. Teaching English in Ghana

Annie Simmonds & Julia Wardropper,Rugby High School.Visit to Madrid and Barcelona to look at Art and Architecture

2003,Amy Grewcock andNicole Martins

Rugby High SchoolGap Year in Australia with the ‘Oz Experience’ Joshua Foundation

Michelle Wynn, Rugby High School. Travelling and Working in India

Prashant Kumar,Rugby School.Work placement in Ussoor, India

2004 Holly Ainley, Rugby High School.‘Teaching and Projects Abroad’ placement in Peru

Sam Watts, Lawrence Sheriff School.Caring for elderly people in Japanese retirement home

Peter Thomas and Ed Morley,Lawrence Sheriff School.21 day trip from Paris to Prague visiting European capitals and cultural centres

2005, Edward Gonzales-O’Mahoney, Rugby School. Volunteering in Ghana

Charles Plumptre,Rugby School. Working with Buddhist Monks in Darjeeling

2007 : Sally- Michelle Whitmore, Jessica Wong and Nichola White,Ashlawn. Trek and charitable work in Himalayas. 

Patrick Holton, Nick Moffatt, Peter Rossi and Aaron O’ Mahoney, Rugby School. Charitable Gap Years in India, Burma, China and South Africa.

Natalie Shilton  Rugby High School. ‘Oz Experience’ with Joshua Foundation to work with terminally ill children

2008  Ruth Long & Katherine Durkin, Rugby High School.  World Challenge to Namibia.

Jacob Spencer & Ian Picker (Lawrence Sheriff School) ( World Challenge to Chile)

Chenting Zhou, Rugby School .Young Leaders’ Conference in Washington DC, America.

2009 : Kayleigh Chan, Emily Hughes, Hemisha Mistry and Shaun Pollard,  Ashlawn.World Challenge to Himalayas).

Chrissie Chater, Georgia Hanby, Rugby High School. Conservation Project to Cuba.

Jessica Fan, Hanna Moore, Jenny Sculpher,  and Jessica Vaughan, Rugby High School. Joshua Foundation Project to Australia

Joanna Moffatt, and Eathar Shakweh, Rugby School.Travel projects to Costa Rica and America respectively.

2012– Lauren Holt . Rugby High School.Working with underprivileged Ugandan children in Global Care project.

2013– Asia Ercan, Rugby High School, Voluntary work in Ghana.

2014– Thomas Matthews. Lawrence Sheriff School. Travelto Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

2015– Harriet Samuel, Ashlawn School . Travel toTanzania.

Rachael O’ Connor andAmy Crisford,Rugby High School, travel to Sri Lanka

2016 ,Curtis Turton and Alex Barrow,Lawrence Sheriff School. Journeys to Myanmar and Japan.

Harriet Timms, Rugby College ex Harris School Mission to Mozambique

2017 Emma Williams, Lincoln University.

Grace Craggs and Lydia Reed, Rugby High School. World Challenge to Costa Rica

Olivia Baker, Rugby School)

2018 Ellie Fallon  York University, and Ashlawn).

Grace Carling, Rugby High School . Canoeing the Caledonian Canal

2019, 2020 and 2021 No awards made

feeding elephants on a funded gap year